Ask a Coach Q&A: Episode 001

TrainerRoad’s Ask a Coach Q&A gives you the chance to get answers to your cycling and triathlon training questions with USAC/USAT Level I certified coach Chad Timmerman. See a few of the questions we answered in our latest episode below! How do I adjust my training on vacation or when I’m sick? While training plans are…

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CX is Coming: New Cyclocross Specialty Blocks

Arguably the most crowd-pleasing form of bike racing out there also incorporates the most even blend of road fitness and dirt skills imaginable. Cyclocross takes everything that’s technically challenging about mountain bike racing and mashes it together with all things intimidating about criterium racing. Not to mention, Cyclocross riders face the demands of high-level suffering for up to an…

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4 Ways to Train Between Cycling Peaks

Your season is off and running, you’ve prepared diligently and completed your early-peak event and your next one is in the horizon. But, you find yourself with a significant gap between peak events and you aren’t sure how to spend that time. This is a common situation facing athletes with a long season, and it’s a common…

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How to Nail Your Next FTP Test

Whether you’re new to riding with power or highly versed in the ways of watts, FTP assessment is one of the most important—yet most poorly performed—aspect of power-based training. Overview You can see how under-utilized assessment is in the world of cycling by quickly skimming the backlog of 20-minute & 8-minute tests in TrainerRoad, where you’ll see workout after…

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Specialty Blocks: 40k TT

Perhaps the most accessible form of road racing endured by roadies & multisport athletes alike is the time trial, specifically the 40-kilometer time trial. An event that ultimately pits you against the clock while allowing you to indirectly race other athletes. However, riders of all levels and inclinations can benefit from the FTP-enhancing conditioning at the heart of our new…

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Specialty Blocks: Short Track Cross-Country

From a fitness perspective, only minor disparities exist between cyclocross racing and short track XC racing, but there are enough differences between the two to merit individual plans for each. These subtle differences inspired only mildly different plans, but ones that can build on one another really well as you use your STXC training & racing as a brutal and…

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3 Ways To Measure Fitness

Power, Heart Rate, and Rate of Perceived Exertion are the three most common and effective tools to measure fitness for cyclists. While each serves a purpose when it comes to training, these tools are not necessarily created equal. In this article we’ll be diving into all three and discussing their strengths, weaknesses and some of the common misconceptions…

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Sync Your TrainerRoad Workouts on Strava, Training Peaks and Dropbox

Automatically Sync Your TrainerRoad Workouts

Sync your TrainerRoad workouts to your favorite fitness networks with Ride Sync. Athletes have long requested a way to sync your TrainerRoad workouts with other fitness platforms like Strava and TrainingPeaks. Now, it’s finally here. With Ride Sync, TrainerRoad integrates with your year-round training data easier than ever. Keep more accurate riding profiles through Strava and TrainingPeaks…

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TrainerRoad iOS 5.0

Plans, Filters and Tacx Trainer Support: TrainerRoad 5.0 for iOS

Finding and completing a workout is now easier than ever with plans, filters, analysis tools and more. TrainerRoad 5.0 for iOS has arrived. Here’s what’s new: In-App Training Plans Filter by Workout Duration, Intensity and more Interval Analysis with New Zoomed-In Graph PowerMatch Tacx Support with ANT+ FE-C Wireless Protocol In-App Training Plans Smart cyclists use training plans to get…

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Tacx Trainer and ANT+ FE-C Support

TrainerRoad is among the first software companies to support the new wireless ANT+ FE-C protocol. Now, we fully support electronic-resistance control for Tacx trainers. What is ANT+ FE-C? ANT+ is the most common wireless protocol used in the cycling community.  It’s the language that wireless devices like speed sensors and power meters use to communicate with TrainerRoad or…

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