Singletrack 6 Race Review and Lessons Learned

Singletrack 6 presented by Transrockies was epic in more ways than one. Here’s a compilation of lessons learned. Singletrack 6 Preview To help get you faster for your next XC stage race and/or MTB adventure, the hosts of the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast signed up to race Singletrack 6, the epic six-day MTB stage race…

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Get Faster for Crit Races with the Criterium Plan

All Criterium Specialty training plans have been improved to be more specific to your riding and racing goals. What’s New All Criterium plans include dedicated taper and race weeks. Specifically, week 7  of your plan is suited to B-priority events at any time; and the final week, week 8, is suited to A-priority events. Each…

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How to Get Faster with Heat Training

While the focus of optimal indoor training is to control two critical variables — intensity and duration —heat is another powerful tool to develop fitness and get faster. Before you throw away your fan… Foremost, it’s important to acknowledge our stance on cooling. In almost every situation our suggestion for managing heat indoors is to…

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Get Faster for Time Trials with the 40k TT Plan

40k TT Specialty training plans have been improved to be more specific to your riding and racing goals. What’s New All 40k TT Specialty plans have a dedicated weekly Time Trial workout. These workouts will help athletes create time trial power, in a time trial position, at roughly time trial durations. TSS has also been…

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Getting Faster for Reasons Beyond the Podium — Spotlight on Pete Morris of Team Clif Bar Cycling

Ninety percent of the time Pete Morris lines up at a race with priorities greater than crossing the finish line first. When it comes to riding his bike, the humble powerhouse who races for Team CLIF Bar Cycling has other measures of success. If you would have told Pete Morris eight years ago he’d be…

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How do I adjust my training plan following time off?

When life events, illness, and even injury get in the way of your training, Coach Chad Timmerman shares his advice to help you get back on track. Adjusting your training plan following time off boils down to two things: How much time you’ve missed and what derailed your training to begin with. How do I…

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Training Plans Update: Get Faster for Your Climbing and Rolling Road Races

Climbing Road Race and Rolling Road Race plans have been improved to fall in line with the newly revised Base and Build plans and be more specific to your race goals. What’s New In the second round of Specialty Plans updates (the Century plans were the first of the Road Specialty plans to be updated),…

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How to Train for Dirty Kanza & Newly Improved Century Plans

Train for Dirty Kanza with training advice and plan recommendations from Head Coach Chad. Fitness Required for Dirty Kanza As with all ultra-endurance cycling challenges, a strong aerobic endurance is paramount. The epically long solo gravel grinder that takes place each year in the Flint Hills of East-Central Kansas known as Dirty Kanza is no…

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Training Plans Update: Newly Revised Build Plans

All cycling-specific Build phase training plans have been improved to fall in line with the newly revised Base plans and be more specific to a rider’s performance goals. What’s New Coach Chad has revamped all Build phase training plans (this does not include triathlon plans) for riders who have completed their Base training and are ready…

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Strengthening FTP Through Sweet Spot Training

Training in the Sweet Spot power zone is one of the most effective ways an athlete can improve their aerobic capabilities. Sweet Spot training is used to consolidate, or solidify, all the mixed types of training seen in a structured training plan. The idea is that an athlete can use Sweet Spot work to strengthen…

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