How to Build a Race Day Pacing Plan

Most bike races and triathlons are endurance events that require you to pace your effort. To make sure your next race is successful, create a pacing plan and follow it with precision. In every bike race your energy should be viewed as an hourglass. The harder you work, the faster the sand falls to the…

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Are You Eating Too Much? Here Are Five Situations You Might Be

When you’re putting in several hours of work a week on the bike, it can be easy to justify eating a lot — or perhaps more than you normally would if you weren’t training. Food, after all, is fuel and you need it to get the most out of your workouts and recovery. But the…

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What It Takes to Be the Best — An Inside Look

“Why do I put myself through all this pain?” for Justin Rossi, the amateur time trialist who lost first place by a mere nine seconds at the 2014 National Time Trial Championships, it would be a fair question to ask. But he doesn’t. Rossi doesn’t have time to dwell on pain or the past. Nor…

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New Triathlon Build Training Plans

Following the release of our triathlon-specific Base plans, our new triathlon Build training plans will focus on raising your threshold on the bike, in the swim and in the run. Overview Our new triathlon-specific training plans have been designed for multisport athletes from the ground up. Not only do the on-the-bike workouts take into consideration the…

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How VO2 Max Work Makes You Fast — The Science Behind It All

VO2 max is the maximum level of oxygen your body can consume. Your body reaches its VO2 max once you physically cannot use any more oxygen, regardless of how much you’re taking in. Your workload rises, but your oxygen consumption does not. When talking about VO2 max, you should keep a few terms in mind:…

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How to Train for Leadville 100 MTB: Insight from a Sub 9 Finisher

“I wanted to quit. Every part of me hurt, but I knew how hard I could go and that I didn’t have to quit. I could do it,” is how Chad Bakken, the full-time CFO and family man, described his final minutes of last year’s Leadville 100. As Bakken crossed the finish line, tears streamed…

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How to Measure Recovery with Resting Heart Rate

Cyclists who ignore metrics like Resting Heart Rate (RHR) to measure their recovery are leaving a lot on the table. This simple approach to quantifying recovery takes little time or effort, it can guide your decision making, and it might even give you that little bit more you need to win. Overview Power meters enable riders to precisely measure their…

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How to Adjust Your Training When You Have More Than One Goal Event

We often preach how your cycling training plan should be based off the demands of your goal event. While this is true, how you decide on the training plan that’s right for you will differ if you have more than one goal event (aka A race) in a season. When you have a goal to…

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8:49:04 Ironman Arizona Win: How Scott Bowe, the Fastest Amateur, Trained

There are a number of qualities and views on training that set Scott Bowe, the fastest amateur at Ironman Arizona, apart from the rest. For starters, he set hefty goals for himself going into his big race: “Get a Hawaii spot.” “Break 9.” “Win my age group.” “Be the top amateur.” With an impressive overall…

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How to Set Cycling Goals Based on Power and Past Performances

Setting goals is a big part of racing and cycling in general. How much thought and strategy you put into the goal-setting process can forecast how your race season will turn out. That might sound bold, but there’s some science behind that statement. In a study done by the Dominican University on goals research, they…

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