The Tour of Sufferlandria, or ToS, is a nine-day indoor cycling challenge that pushes athletes to the limit as they complete a prescribed list of workouts from The Sufferfest each day.

As you complete the prescribed workout(s) within the required time frame, you will be eligible for daily prizes, and upon completing the whole ToS, you will receive a finisher badge on your profile and be eligible to win a grand prize. By donating to the Davis Phinney Foundation, you will be eligible for a whole list of prizes from The Sufferfest as well.

We love supporting this event every year and helping all Sufferlandrians track their performance as they go through the tour. We’ve broken down this year’s ToS and put some numbers to each stage to let you know what you’re in for.

Here’s what this year’s ToS looks like:

 Stage 1

Elements of Style + The Long Scream

Total Duration: 1:14:00
Total TSS: 92
Avg. IF: 0.85

Stage 2


Total Duration: 1:44:00
Total TSS: 148
Avg. IF: 0.92

Stage 3

Fight Club

Total Duration: 1:00:00
Total TSS: 88
Avg. IF: 0.95

Stage 4

Nine Hammers

Total Duration: 0:59:00
Total TSS: 83
Avg. IF: 0.91

Stage 5


Total Duration: 0:66:00
Total TSS: 82
Avg. IF: 0.93

Stage 6

Local Hero

Total Duration: 1:26:00
Total TSS: 123
Avg. IF: 0.93

Stage 7

The Rookie

Total Duration: 0:54:00
Total TSS: 75
Avg. IF: 0.91

Stage 8

Revolver + Violator + Half Is Easy

Total Duration: 2:31:00
Total TSS: 268
Avg. IF: 1.01

Stage 9


Total Duration: 1:56:00
Total TSS: 160
Avg. IF: 0.91


The eighth stage is by far the hardest single stage of the ToS yet. If your FTP is accurate, it would be impossible to complete all three workouts back-to-back at 100% intensity, so we recommend turning down the intensity to make it more manageable.

On that note, if you haven’t assessed your FTP recently, we recommend taking care of that before you start the Tour. Having an accurate FTP will ensure that the workouts won’t be too easy, and assure that you won’t be working too hard either.

We’re looking forward to the 2015 Tour of Sufferlandria and can’t wait to hand out those badges. Click here to register now!

Happy suffering!

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