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Nate Pearson is the co-founder of TrainerRoad. He is an avid triathlete and cyclist, husband and father of two. His training is fueled by great coffee, BBQ and pie.

Workout of the Week – Disaster

It’s a rare breed of rider that can ride a trainer for 4 hours at a time, an even rarer breed that can work HARD over the course of that 4 hours, but if you’re one of the few, the proud, the masochistic, then Disaster is your workout! And for those arguably less ambitious and…

Ironman Lake Tahoe Bike Course Preview

Reid, Chad and I had the pleasure of riding along with RacerMate while they flimed the Ironman Lake Tahoe course. Here’s a 10 minute section that gets you an idea of what it’s like.  We also ramble on about TrainerRoad :). -Nate

Scott Waters – The Man Who Bikes

My old college roommate put up a pretty nice video about biking, being a man and what it’s like to ride in Reno.  It’s a pretty cool video and worth a watch. He has a few other funny videos at his blog here. -Nate

Workout of the Week – Kettle

Working at your body’s utmost capacity for brief periods of time is the very essence of interval training. Whether you target muscular endurance, aerobic capacity (VO2max), or the nastiest of them all, anaerobic capacity, the objective is to maximize your performance capabilities. Remarkably, and perhaps unknown to many athletes is a “trickle-down” effect that takes…

Ask Coach T – Tapering

Question Hi Guys – quick question for you. I have a race next Sunday (Oly Tri distance) and was just wondering if you had any suggestions for workouts next week to let me recover enough but still stay sharp – been riding a lot outside and my legs probably wouldnt thank me for a usual…

How to Put out more Power using Heat Acclimation

Oppressive heat bringing down your power numbers and race results? Do you feel sapped of energy and can’t put it in top gear when temperatures reach 32°C/90°F? A recent study from the University of Oregon, Eugene might have the key to bring your performance back to par. Researchers took twelve trained cyclists and performed VO2max, time…

Workout Page Update

We’ve been quiet lately because we’ve been working on more long term projects to set us up for some really cool stuff. Workouts Today, we’re releasing an update to the workouts page.  It allows filtering every which way and should make it much easier to find the workout you want. Want to find long threshold…

Ask Chad – Transitioning from Off Season to in Season

“Based on the new plans added yesterday, I’d like to see a (longer) blog post discussing the grand training strategy which describes how best to make use of TrainerRoad from the offseason and transitioning into the race season. I keep getting advice from other sources to spend a long steady trainer rides in “Zone 2″…

Initial Outdoor Workout Testing

We plan on letting you download some of our workouts to your Garmins in order to get some structured workouts outside. I recently did the 8 minute test and Picket Guard (5×12 min Over/Under) outside. Here’s what I found. I’d like some feedback from you guys. 8 Minute Test The 8 minute test was a…

Blueberry Protein Smoothie

I just made this thing for lunch and I’d thought I’d share it will all of you. Ingredients 8 oz soy milk (or regular milk) 2 large spoon fulls ricotta cheese 3 large spoon fulls Greek yogurt One handful of spinach (about the amount of a small salad) One handful of frozen blueberries (your fingers will go purple) Combine…


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