Specialty Blocks: Climbing Road Race

+-*Climbing road races differ from flat ones in obvious ways – they usually include sustained climbs, and often finish on one – but they also share a lot of overlap with flat or rolling road races. As you might expect, the next offering in our Road Specialty category are the Climbing Road Race blocks. These…

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Specialty Blocks: Rolling Road Race

+-*The first offering in our Road Specialty category are 3 new training blocks (low-, mid- & high-volume) aimed at riders targeting rolling road races. As with any road race, the nature of the demands are highly varied and it’s for this reason that these 3 blocks have a relatively wide target. Rolling Road Race Demands & Training Since rolling road races…

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Training Twice a Day

+-*I’ve long heard it touted that training twice daily is one of the best ways to further training adaptations and consequently performance; but just as often, I hear this very same training addition blamed for hampering recovery and furthering cumulative fatigue. So a question I see pretty frequently in the realms of multisport and endurance…

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2015 Tour of Sufferlandria

+-*The Tour of Sufferlandria, or ToS, is a nine-day indoor cycling challenge that pushes athletes to the limit as they complete a prescribed list of workouts from The Sufferfest each day. As you complete the prescribed workout(s) within the required time frame, you will be eligible for daily prizes, and upon completing the whole ToS,…

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Improved Cycling Training Plans

+-*A training plan will guide you, push your limits to the precise amount (never too much or too little) and in the end, help you reach your goal in peak form. But picking the right plan can be tough due to the overwhelming amount of options to choose from. As a result, we’ve been hard at…

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Eating to Lose Weight

+-*2015 is here and with it are new goals and challenges. While training may be vastly different for each of us depending on our genre of racing/riding, it’s safe to say we are all striving for a certain “race weight” that we want to be at as we charge into the new season. As endurance athletes, trying…

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Custom Phone Mount

+-*We’ve received a lot of questions about the mount that is used in the videos and screenshots of our iOS app, so we thought we’d take a moment to show it in more detail. The truth is, it’s a homemade mount that came out of frustration of not wanting to have multiple mounting brackets on our handlebars.…

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The Long Road to Leadville

+-*Mountain bikers, adventurous road riders, and ultra-endurance enthusiasts everywhere – you’ve spoken and we’ve listened. There’s been a lot of exciting changes and improvements lately, including iOS and our new homepage, but it hasn’t stopped there. We’ve also began completely revamping our training plans and building several new ones to better help you specify your…

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setting goals

3 Keys to Setting Goals

+-*Where did the season go? Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday we were building base for those early spring races? Now, as the leaves begin to fall and the hours of daylight shorten, it’s time to reflect upon 2014 and begin setting a plan of action for next year. The first step? Setting goals. Setting challenging yet…

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The Mid-Ride Feast-and-Bonk: Don’t Let it Happen to You!

+-*If you’re training for hours, whether long distance running, cycling, hiking, or another sport, there’s one fueling mistake you should be keenly aware of, and try to avoid: the mid-ride feast-and-bonk. Usually, the scenario goes something like this (this was sent to me by a potential client): This past weekend I did a road century…

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