Sprint Triathlon Training Plans: How to Choose Your Best Plan

Once you’ve decided you want to compete in a Sprint Triathlon, your next step is figuring out the training plan that’s best for you. For many triathletes and cyclists, this step can prove to be somewhat challenging — you’ll soon learn it doesn’t have to be! In this new series of posts, our goal is…

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FTP Testing: Outdoors vs. Indoors

Entering winter, as well as transitioning out of the cold-weather months and into spring, are the times riders ask us most to explain the differences between testing their Functional Threshold Power (FTP) outdoors versus indoors. The truth is, there are a lot variances between the two approaches, many of which you’ll discover soon make it…

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Little-Known Pre-Workout Test for Cyclists to Measure Recovery

A properly recovered athlete is a fast athlete. If cyclists can determine whether they’re properly recovered or not before they start training, they’ll be able to adjust their training so they’ll always be getting faster—not slower. The LSCT and TrainerRoad is a great way to determine that. Overview Quantifying recovery can be difficult. We’ve recently…

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Cycling’s Power Couple: How Fatty and The Hammer Train Together

There’s a good chance you already know who this cycling power couple is. Elden, aka Fatty, is the guy behind the Fat Cyclist; and Lisa is Elden’s wife who he lovingly refers to as The Hammer on his blog. These two are real-deal, honest-to-goodness partners in life and partners in training (we can’t think of…

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Introducing a New Resource for Cyclists Who Want to Get Fast

We started Ask a Cycling Coach with one goal in mind: to give cyclists — TrainerRoad users or not — the information they need to make the most of their training and achieve their goals. More than 150,000 listens later, we’re introducing a page dedicated to our podcast, along with a few new ways to ask…

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Is My FTP Too Low? 3 Signs to Know If You’ve Tested Accurately

Power-based training is without a doubt the best way to structure training for cycling. However, if your FTP isn’t accurate you could be missing out on the benefits of training with power. Training with Power Explained Power-based structured interval training is one of the most accessible and accurate ways to measure performance for cyclists. With…

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New Triathlon Training Plans: How We Made Them Better Than Ever

More than any other endurance sport, training for a triathlon is tough. Sure, it’s demanding on the body, but more than that, it’s complex, requires research and a heavy-duty strategy if you want your time in the pool, on the bike and on the pavement to be well spent. Finding a solid triathlon training plan…

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The Best Cycling Recovery Techniques: 5 Cyclists Discuss Their Thoughts

“How do you like to recover after training hard or an event?,” is the lone question that caused an avalanche of deeply thoughtful and unique responses. Before I go any further, let me give you some back history. Prior to sitting down to write this post, I asked this question on Slack, a messaging platform…

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How to Recognize Burnout and What to Do About It

Burnout is a common problem with serious cyclists, but recognizing burnout and differentiating it from common fatigue is necessary if your goal is to get faster. Here’s our guide to burnout — how to recognize it and what to do about it. What Is Burnout? Training hard makes you faster, but only when it’s structured appropriately. Every time…

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How to Program Your Body to Burn Fat Instead of Store It with Fasted Training

If you want to lose weight to get faster on the bike, training when your body is in a low glycemic state is one of the most beneficial habits you can implement into your daily or weekly schedule. This practice is known as fasted training. What if you could re-engineer your body to function at…

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