How Do I Train for Faster Time Trials?

Answer: To build up toughness, get accustomed to uncomfortable positioning and ultimately get faster, time trialists must effectively train the ability to pace their highest sustainable power over time trial distances. Think about it like this: It’s about the software, not the hardware. You can put a lackluster rider on the very best equipment and…

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What FTP Really Means to Cyclists

Answer: Functional Threshold Power, or FTP, is an estimated measure of your highest sustainable power and is used to anchor training levels. These training levels are associated with particular physiological responses and allow you to design workouts and training plans that address specific types of fitness. Expanded Explanation FTP is a measure of your ability…

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How Do I Train After I Finish My Specialty Plan and Have No Upcoming Events?

Answer: Typically two weeks of recovery is recommended, but that timeframe could vary depending on your level of fatigue and motivation. Based on the amount of downtime you take, you can restart a Base or Build plan. Decide How Much Downtime You Need If you’ve just completed a Specialty plan and are focused now on…

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Get Faster Now Without Aero Equipment

Faster time trials doesn’t mean you need the most aerodynamic equipment. Getting faster starts with doing the right things with what you already have. Not everyone is ready to invest in the TT bike, the aero helmet, the aero bars, the aero everything … We’re here to tell you that purchasing all the aero gear isn’t…

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Why Did My FTP Go Down Between Training Phases?

Answer: Testing days aren’t always your best days. Muscle fatigue, unpreparedness for the discomfort of testing, poor pacing, or low motivation can all lend to a lower FTP result. When you test at a lower FTP, it commonly comes down to one, or a combination, of four things: 1. You weren’t sufficiently recovered following your…

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Why Is There a TSS Drop from High-Volume Sweet Spot Base to My Build Plan?

Answer: The High-Volume Sweet Spot Base plan has a very specific training load, in both volume and intensity. This allows for a very high TSS relative to all other training plans. This high training stress score does not translate directly to other plans, including those in the Build Phase. High-Volume Sweet Spot Base is in…

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Why Does TSS drop from the Build to Specialty Phase?

Answer: The emphasis is no longer placed on growing fitness like it was during the Base and Build phases; rather, the focus of the Specialty phase is placed on event specificity. A reduced TSS allows flexibility for weekly racing opportunities during the final phase before your key event. The Importance of Dropping TSS as You…

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Why is TSS Reduced Between Training Phases?

Answer: FTP increases and applying different forms of training stress require small planned decreases in TSS to maximize training benefits. Reduce TSS Between Training Phases to Get Faster Within a progressively structured training plan, each new week sees a slight increase in the overall amount of stress (TSS), while each workout sees a similar bump…

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How Do Outside Rides With Higher TSS Affect My Plan?

Answer: Riding outside generally means a higher intensity and higher TSS than a plan’s prescribed structured workout. Depending on a rider’s goals, their outside ride could hamper later workouts. It’s really a question of what you want to get out of your rides and how much time you’re willing to dedicate … If you’re looking…

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Progressive Training for Cyclists: Scientific Support for the Base, Build, Specialty Cycle

To get faster, our training has to inspire physiological adaptation in our bodies. This adaptation is spurred by various forms of stress we undergo during cycling training — as long as said training disrupts the body’s state of equilibrium, aka its physiologic homeostasis. Disruption is most effectively achieved through progressive training — the foundation for…

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