We’re putting the last touches on the workout to go with the next Sufferfest video that will be released Sept 15th. I rode it this morning. Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.08.04 AM

I like short, hard efforts with easy rest in between so I knew I’d love this workout. I substituted this into my IM Lake Tahoe training in place of a 2×15. Hey, sometimes work gets in the way of training. 🙂

The footage is high quality and the commentary is entertaining. I didn’t watch the screen much during the sprints but the audio cues worked really well. Rather than the same cues over and over, the music switches to signal the start and end of the intervals; fast, club style beats for the sprints and slow, classical  or mellow music for the rests. There’s also a high-pitched bell sound about 5 seconds before each interval to remind you to shift into your sprinting gear.

A question came up on Twitter about how this workout would work with the Wahoo Kickr in erg mode so I experimented with erg and standard mode.

Erg Mode

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 10.45.47 AM

What is erg mode?

For the first half of the sprint sets, I put the Kickr in erg mode using the drop down on the bottom of the workout. You can also use ‘m’ to cycle through modes and left and right arrows to change levels or resistance.

This worked pretty well. The Kickr changes resistance within a second or so and I was up to the target power by 3 seconds into the interval. This just didn’t seem that hard, though. I’m going to bump the targets up a bit in the workout but even then I think some people will spin out in the 10 and 15 second intervals. I.e. the resistance will back off a bit once you go over the target.

Standard Mode

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 10.45.38 AM

The second set of the sprints, I put it in Standard mode. I started with Level 5 but switched to Level 3 after a few sets. These intervals were much harder as I was able to put out a lot more power. You can tell which intervals are in level mode on the graph because the power spikes higher than the target.

I’d start in Level 3 in the small ring in front and the middle of the rear cassette during a rest. When the high pitch bell rang with 5 seconds until the sprint I’d switch to the big ring. After the interval ended, I’d drop back to the small ring.

The last set had so little rest that I just left it in Level 3. Those few minutes were by far the hardest of the workout.

Other Electronic Trainers

For the Powerbeam Pro and Cycleops 410, I’d use slope mode. Those take a bit longer (~8-10 seconds) for the resistance to change so the interval will be over before you get to the target power in erg mode.

The resistance on the Computrainer changes pretty quickly so erg mode should work, but you’ll probably get a better workout in slope mode. Use F2 button on the handlebar unit to switch modes. I’d start with 3% and adjust from there.

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