Somebody asked on Twitter the other day about what it takes to get set up with TrainerRoad and the Sufferfest together. Since April 1 is Sufferlandrian National Day, I thought I should get this out today.

Here are the steps:

  1. Get the right gear. Bike, Trainer, ANT+ USB stick, and one or more of the following ANT+ wireless devices: Power meter, heart rate strap, speed/cadence sensor. Or a CompuTrainer
  2. Sign up for and install TrainerRoad
  3. Get Connected. here’s a video for setting up a CompuTrainer: Computrainer setup video
  4. Set your FTP. If you know it already, just enter it when you create your account. Otherwise, do the 8 minute test or 20 Minute Test to have TrainerRoad calculate it for you. The names are unfortunate because they are both 1 hour long workouts.
  5. Buy and download a Sufferfest video.
  6. Choose the Sufferfest workout in the TrainerRoad app. The easiest way to find it is just type the name or type “Sufferfest” in the search bar above the workouts.
  7. Drop in the video or browse to the video.
  8. Start Suffering.
Warning! The workouts that correspond with the videos are VERY hard. Scaling the workout down to 80% or 90% is advisable for at least the first time you do it. There’s a little % adjuster at the bottom left of the workout screen

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Trevor DeRuise

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