The time has come to take the training wheels off this puppy.

How much is this going to cost me?
I started developing TrainerRoad waaaayy back in August of 2010 because I couldn’t afford 3x a week CompuTrainer classes at $20 a pop.  I always wanted to make TrainerRoad really affordable and a great value.

Well I think we did that and offer some great value.  With a subscription to TrainerRoad you get 150+ structured workouts, live ANT+ data on your computer, VirtualPower, training plans, and your workouts saved to the cloud.  We think $12 a month is a very fair price for this.

I challenge you to find a better way to spend $12 to increase your cycling fitness.  I think this is the best value in cycling.

You can view our pricing page here for a complete overview of what you get:

When you upgrade your account it’s just that, your existing workouts will remain intact and in your account.

Suspending your Account
Sometimes shit happens.  You get sick, injured or life gets in the way.  We offer the ability to suspend your account at any time.  Suspending your account will end all payments to TrainerRoad and restrict access to the plans, workouts and desktop player.  You’ll still be able to view your career page and the ride feed.

When you’re ready to come back to us you can pick up right where you left off.  There’s no extra fee or anything like that.  When you re-activate your account you will pay the price that is listed on our website that day.

30 Day No Questions Asked Refund Period
We also offer a 30 day no questions asked refund period to all new sign ups, including discounted beta users.

Go here to lock in your account at $7 a month:

Sufferfest Support offers really cool indoor training videos.  They were actually an inspiration for TrainerRoad.  I loved the workouts but didn’t like that it was only RPE and there weren’t any power targets.

Well we fixed that!

Just open a “SufferFest” workout in our ride feed and drop the appropriate TheSufferFest video on to it.  We sync our workout to the video including automatic pause/play.  You’ll only have to do this once, we’ll remember the location of the video (as long as you don’t move the video somewhere else).

We’re starting with “A Very Dark Place” but will be adding the rest of the videos to the ride feed this week.  Just search for “Sufferfest” in the search box to see what rides are available.

We don’t sell videos.  They are just $11 each and are well worth the money.  If you haven’t used one before I suggest you download A Very Dark Place and try it out.  David’s a great guy and gets 100% of the money.

Mac Support
Some of you don’t know but we’ve had mac support available for over a month.  You can download it at

Bug Fixes
We have too many bug fixes to name here.  But I can tell you we’ve really improved an already good program.  We’ve been working really really hard to get this thing as solid as we can.

A Little Bit About Us
(Nate’s on the left and Reid’s on the right)

Reid and I are a couple of guys with full time day jobs, wives and babies.  We work on TrainerRoad on nights and weekends.  Our dream is to one day make enough money that we can quit our day jobs and still support our families, like the little ones below.

(Here’s Reid’s 6 month old son, Evan)

(Here’s my 8 month old daughter, Avery)

We both work at a multi-billion dollar company for our day jobs.  I’m a web developer and Reid is a software architect.

Like I said we’ve been working on TrainerRoad since August 2010.  Here’s one of the early mock ups I did trying to demonstrate the concept.  Luckily we made it look a weee bit better.
Thanks Everyone!
If you’ve made it this far we’d like to thank you!  You’ve really helped us create a great product that I think is going to make a lot of people enjoy the trainer more, get fit faster and be safer.

One last thank you goes out to our wives.  They let us bring our laptops into bed and answer support emails at dinner.  All of this while caring for infants!  They are truly great people and we love them very much.

So if you like our product and don’t mind giving us a few bucks, sign up now to lock in your account at $7 a month:

-Nate co-founder


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Nate Pearson

Nate Pearson is the co-founder of TrainerRoad. He is an avid triathlete and cyclist, husband and father of two. His training is fueled by great coffee, BBQ and pie.

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