Do you ever wonder what could have been if only you had a little more direction and focus as a kid? Something tells me 13-year-old Madison McDaniel will not be asking herself this anytime in the near future as she leaves no stone unturned in her cycling endeavors.

super d championMadison took home the 2014 USA Cycling Super D National Championship this last July and was battling for the silver in cross country before a mechanical put her back to 4th. We were thrilled to find out that Madison is also a dedicated TrainerRoad user.

“I’ve been using TrainerRoad for the past year and a half, and without a doubt, it has helped me to become a stronger racer. It’s exciting to see my progress after each power test. My favorite workout is Abbot. Well, maybe not my favorite, but certainly the most challenging!”

Best of luck to Madison in her future races!

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Trevor DeRuise

Trevor DeRuise is a professional mountain bike racer, Level III USA certified coach, lead contributor to cycling forum conversations, and the main person behind all TrainerRoad’s tweets. Follow the latest TrainerRoad news and updates he’s sharing online.

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