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Alex's background in swimming helped him cultivate his current love for cycling and all things of the fitness persuasion. He suffers from recurring dreams of how to improve his garage gym - his most prized possession.

A Country on Wheels

My Mother sometimes tells me, “Alex, you know you were born under a lucky star, right?” I do not like it when she says this for two reasons: 1) It is an inane saying; 2) I’m a grown-ass man, Mom. Lucky stars are for children. I can nearly grow a patchy beard, okay? There are…

Cyclists and motorists – Mortal enemies…?

Too many road cyclists and motorists have established a seemingly irreconcilable disdain for one another. Both insist the other is reckless, self-centered, and consistently displays behavior nothing short of pure jackassery. Each emphatically points their finger at the other, obstinately insisting the opposing party is to blame for the discourse. Certainly, blame cannot be placed…


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