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Jesse Fortson is a former collegiate athlete turned cyclist. With TrainerRoad's help, he lost over 140 pounds and now races crits, gravel, and marathon XCO.

Why You Should Measure Your Power PRs

Why You Should Measure Your Power PRs

Every athlete wants effective training. But how do you know if it works? Tracking power Personal Records with Performance Analytics will reveal your strengths and prove your hard work is paying off. Why Use Power for PRs? Keeping track of your power PRs will make you a faster cyclist. But why not use heart rate…

Plan Builder: I have too much time

Plan Builder: I Have Too Much Time

Having more time until a goal event presents an excellent opportunity to take your fitness to the next level. But how can you structure that extra time for maximum benefit? Using Plan Builder takes out the guesswork and customizes your training plan, so you get the most from the surplus time. What Is Plan Builder?…

Glute activation for cycling

Pro Tips For Glute Activation

The glutes are an important and often misunderstood muscle group in cycling. Following these tips for glute activation can help you work more efficiently and avoid injury. For more training tips and information on other topics check out the Ask a Cycling Coach Ep 240 What Are The Glutes? The glutes, as they are commonly…

The Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Cycling Training

Whether you’re experienced or just beginning indoor training, these quick and effective tips will increase your chances of success. For more training tips and information on other topics check out the Ask a Cycling Coach Ep 239 Before The Workout Build the Right Training PlanStart with low-volume training and work your way up over time.…


Plan Builder: I Don’t Have Enough Time

You’ve signed up for your goal event, and it’s only four months away. You don’t have the time to complete the regular training plan of Base, Build, and Specialty Phases, but you want to be in peak fitness for your “A” race. Don’t worry, Plan Builder has you covered! What Is Plan Builder? Plan Builder…


How to Ride Confidently in Crosswinds

Riding in crosswinds can be a challenge, especially for smaller riders. But no matter your size, these tips will help you ride confidently and faster in crosswinds.