Who’s coming with me?!

It’s time to put the work in that TrainerRoad deserves.  I gave my 4 week notice at my day job today.  I’ll be working full time on TrainerRoad starting March 3rd.

It’s a very exciting (and scary) time for my family.  I’m taking a bit of a pay cut to really try to make this thing work and grow it into a successful business.  I believe that TrainerRoad as HUGE potential.  There’s so much fun stuff to build and create that will hopefully change the way a lot of people train and get fit.

Day Job

For those of you who are curious, I’m a web architect at a slot machine manufacturer.  I do a mix between internal IT stuff (dashboards, business apps) and work on our main website.  I can’t say that I have a passion for slot machines or bland IT apps.  That’s why it’s so exciting that I get to follow my passion of cycling/coding and develop something really cool (while hopefully making some money).

What’s Next

I’m sure February will seem like a looonnnggg month to me, but it should be over in no time.  Once March hits, it’s TrainerRoad city.  I think I’ll be able to increase my coding time by 5 fold.  That means more feature, quicker.  Can anyone say workout editor?


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Nate Pearson

Nate Pearson is the co-founder of TrainerRoad. He is an avid triathlete and cyclist, husband and father of two. His training is fueled by great coffee, BBQ and pie.

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