Jonathan goes KOM hunting with one of the best mountain bikers in the USA, why your pacing plan for CX is wrong, why your power and heart rate zones don’t match and much more in Episode 186 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • How to avoid illness as a cyclist
  • TrainerRoad’s new Calendar and Analytics features
  • How to steal a KOM
  • How KOM hunting can make you faster
  • How to train with a newborn
  • Why cyclocross isn’t a natural fit for sprinters
  • How to refine a nutrition strategy
  • Should you pay attention to breathing rate?
  • Why warmups are crucial for cycling
  • Why does heart rate rise when power is consistent?
  • When should you not carry two bottles?
  • Why intervals are always a better idea than junk miles

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Ian Meintjes

Ian Meintjes is a pro enduro racer and the producer of the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast. Ian’s successful track record in cross-country and enduro racing, along with years of experience as a customer support agent have made him an expert on all things training and racing with power.

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